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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Agreements are between My Party Rentals, and Customer.




  • Orders placed 24 hours or less before your event will be considered as last minute orders.
  • Last minute orders are subject to late deliveries or cancellations.
  • If a last minute order is placed online on our website, the customer must call to reconfirm their order.

  • The customer can keep the equipment overnight if it will be in a safe place to avoid damage or loss, this decision will be determined by the driver and not the customer.
  • Pickup time the next day is between 8am to 4pm (Pickups can be extended until 8 p.m.),
  • You must notify My Party Rentals to arrange pickup time. If our pick-up time does not suit your time.
  • If the driver is not able to pick up the equipment because nobody is at the location to grant access an extra charge may apply to come back later to pick it up.
  • If the inflatable is set up in an unsafe location, ungated front yards, and apartments, pick up is the same day(no exceptions).
  • Same Day pickup time start at 7:00 pm.
  • If you have a Same-Day pickup order all the equipment must be picked up that day, an extra charge may apply if you need to keep any other equipment overnight for example Tables and Chairs.
  • The Customer must have all rented equipment ready to pick up all the tables and chairs folded and stacked, an extra charge may apply if the equipment is not ready for pick-up.
  • The customer is responsible for any missing, lost, or damaged equipment.

  • Inflatables and tents can be set up on Grass, Concrete, Asphalt, Dirt, and Little Rocks/Gravel.
  • If the set-up will be on Hills or slight inclines the setup area should be a maximum of 5 degrees.
  • Gates and walkways have to be a minimum of 4 feet wide for all inflatables and 5 feet wide for Dunk Tanks, and Mechanical Bull.
  • It is the Customer's responsibility to make sure there is a large enough space for setup. Customer is responsible for measuring their setup area is fit for any installations. (This inclues any underground pipelines, as failure to inform the company excludes MyPartyRentals from being held accountable from any damages or repairs of mentioned property pipelines.) If, upon delivery time, we discovered there is not enough space for setup, then a cancellation fee may be applied up to the full amount of the rental.

  • Customer must make sure setup site is ready, (i.e. lawns mowed, vehicles/obstacles out of the way, animal feces removed, setup location cleared) before driver is scheduled to arrive, if the site is not ready or Inaccessible when the driver arrive, or if rented equipment cannot be moved directly on site (extra handling involved) the customer may be charged an additional charge. If site is not prepared driver might be forced to leave and reschedule your delivery at a later time. In which case a delivery fee might be applied or a complete cancelation of your order, (cancellation fee may be applied).
  • You should have a CLEAR and OPEN path for the driver to get to the area where the equipment is to be setup. WE DO NOT FLIP ANY RENTED EQUIPMENT OVER FENCE.
  • If the side entrance to your backyard is not accessible or very small, we can transport the equipment through your house, it is the customer's full responsibility for any damage to any element of their property caused by an accident during the transport of the equipment.
  • Be prepared to inform the driver of the existence of underground utilities (i.e., phone lines, gas lines, septic system, sprinkler system, etc.), which interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor inflatables or tent equipment. Customer assumes all responsibility for any damage to underground equipment or landscaping resulting from installation of rented equipment, it is recommended that you check with your local utilities office before our arrival.

  • Payment is due on the day of delivery, Full amount or any outstanding balance must be paid the date of delivery and before we unload the rented equipment.
  • Cash: The preferred method of payment is C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery). Customer can decide to pay COD without placing any deposit only if the amount is less than $200 Customer is required to have exact cash amount for the balance due since drivers do not carry change with them.
  • Deposit: 20% deposit required for orders over $200
  • Checks: We do not accept checks no exceptions.
  • Credit Cards: We do not accept Credit Cards no exceptions.
  • Debit Cards: We do not accept Debit Cards no exceptions.
  • Electronic Payments: Customer can make payment using Zelle or CashApp.

  • If a Customer decides to cancel their reservation, they must do so 75 HOURS (3 days) before their reservation day.
  • Any Tent or Astro Turf that is reserved requires a deposite. If the Tent or Turf is cancelled, regardless of the remaining rentals, the deposite is then void.
  • If customer cancels their order 48 HOURS (1-2) days of their reservation date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the rental total will be applied.

  • If the customer cancels their order the day of the rental, they will be charged the whole rental amount.
  • If the customer cannot get a hold of the company, or has called after business hours, it is still the customer's responsibility to leave a message in the company’s messaging system about cancelling their reservation or sending an email to regarding the cancellation.

  • In case of rain or severe weather conditions (high winds exceeding 20mph) during your rentals date. Customer is allowed to cancel the same day as delivery without any cancellation fee (also pertains to forecasts with probabilities of rain of high winds greater than 50% likelihood).
  • Customer MUST CONTACT and cancel before 9:00 am on the day of the event (voicemail and emails before 9:00 am are ok for cancellation). If customer cancels the order, it will be canceled for the rest of the rentals period with no guarantee that My Party Rentals can deliver if weather conditions get better.

  • If customer decides to go ahead with the order even though the weather forecast says it will rain, but it is not actually raining at the time, then we will go ahead and delivery the order. However, if it does star to rain during the rentals time, My Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel the order, due to safety concerns. With NO refund provided.
  • During rain/inclement weather, it is unsafe for anyone to play inside the inflatable; therefore we do orders during/inclement weather days, However, since people do have events and parties that are usually planned out weeks/months before, or may take place indoors, we give customers the option to deliver the order or cancel it for days that are predicted to rain.
  • If the customer decides to cancel the order once My Party Rentals driver has already arrived at their location, then My Party Rentals reserves the right to charge the customer a cancellation fee for not contacting before and making our driver do the labor work and driver out to your location.

  • Customer is responsible for supervising the safety and conduct of all participants using My Party Rentals products. Therefore, there should be a responsible and mature adult supervising the operation of the units at all times.
  • Safety of all participants in units is the responsibility of the person supervising. All units come with safety instructions (usually located on the front of the unit), which need to be read and understood by any and all people supervising.
  • Participants inside the units SHOULD NOT, AT ANY TIME, be allowed to do anything that is/are prohibited by the safety rules. Blatant disregard of the safety rules may result in physical injuries and/or additional fees for any food, Drink. If this happens, you will be charged ($100.00) for cleaning.
  • Do not bounce closer than four feet from another person.
  • NO Food, Drinks, Gum, Candy, Confetti is allowed inside of the unit.
  • Sharp Objects: Make sure there are no breakables or sharp in or around the inflatable you will be charged repair amount of $50 up to the full price of the unit if a sharp object punctures the inflatable.
  • Silly String: Do not spray silly string inside or on Inflatable, Silly string will break down the vinyl of the equipment and cause permanent damage to the Unit., Customers will be charged full price of the inflatable if silly string is found on the inflatable.
  • Do not allow children to take balloons into the inflatables (burst balloons and strings can be a choking hazard).
  • NO smoking, barbecues, glass or animals on or near the unit. A cleaning/damage fee of $50 may apply up to the full price of the unit.
  • The customer cannot move the Inflatable from the place where our staff set it up.

  • Water products require a regular garden water hose (not provided by My Party Rentals) within range of the setup area.
  • Water Slides DO NOT comes with any mats or cushions to be placed under the pool area for when users slide down. If a customer wishes to place mats for extra cushion, they need to provide it during the delivery time to the driver.
  • Water should be turned off when the water product is not being used.
  • Inflatable water slides are not engineered to flow water like waterparks.
  • Water pressure needs to be low to function properly AND prevent flooding in backyards.

  • We do not hold our customers responsible for equipment failure from normal use and when our equipment has been used as instructed. However, the customer is responsible for any damage caused due to abuse or misuse of our equipment while in their possession. If repair or replacement of our equipment is necessary due to misuse, whether by them or anyone present at their event, the customer will be charged accordingly for repair or replacement.

  • Providing adequate electricity is solely the customer’s responsibility.
  • Customer must make sure there are an adequate number of electrical outlets, with sufficient power, to keep the units working properly.
  • If there are no electrical available at the setup location than a Generator will be required.
  • Electricity Outlets. Electricity outlets must be capable of providing a dedicated minimum of 15 amps for each air blower. Make sure the electric outlets, you intent to use is equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, most new electric outlets are). Please check all electricity outlets you plan to use for My Party Rentals equipment to ensure there will be an adequate supply of electricity.
  • Insufficient electricity can create major problems during the course of the rental period (i.e. setup delays, constant deflation, we urge all customers to make preparations and exam electricity outlets to make sure they will provide sufficient electricity.

  • Mostly all concession machine rentals are table top machines and DO NOT come with a table/stand. Customer needs to provide a table or stand along with an extension cord.
  • All concession machines come with all the accessories needed for 50 servings.
  • Driver is responsible for instructing customer of the correct operation of the concession machines and customer's signature of rental agreement is proof of driver's instructions.
  • Note: Snow Cone machine rental does not include ice cubes and should be provided by the customer (can be purchased from any supermarket). It is recommended to have about 30-40 pounds of cubed ice for every 50 servings.

  • Weather: The customer understands that tents are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from conditions, primarily sun, and rain; however there may be situations, particularly those involving strong winds and lightning, in which tents will not provide protection and may even be damaged on blown over.
  • Evacuation of tents to avoid possible injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where the tent is set up. People must leave the tent and not seek shelter in tents during such conditions.
  • Because it may be difficult to determine if the weather is severe enough to necessitate evacuation, it is best to err on the side of caution. In other words, in doubt, evacuate.
  • The customer understands that it is customer's responsibility to be aware of changing weather conditions and to exercise its best judgment with regard to the evacuation of the tents. Customer should become thoroughly familiar with evacuation procedures.
  • My Party Rentals emergency support telephone number is also available to provide assistance to clients. Clients agree that in the event of a predicted or actual storm or excessive winds, My Party Rentals may dismantle any equipment that has been installed to ensure the safety of those involved.
  • My Party Rentals it's not responsible for any Damage caused at any type of property around or inside of the tent under the weather conditions.
  • Cleanup/Preparation for Pickup: All floral arrangements, trash and decorations of any kind should be removed from tent before scheduled pickup time.
  • The customer assumes responsibility for all damages caused by decorations. Please be aware that some decorations can cause a permanent station on the tent.
  • Please ask if you are unsure to avoid the cost of damages. Decorations must not affect the structural integrity of the tent.
  • The customer cannot move, cut or place heavy structures on the Astro Turf that could damage it, if so; the customer assumes all responsibility for the costs of the damage caused.
  • All trash, structures, Tables and chairs should be removed from the Astro Turf before scheduled pickup time.

  • Please be aware that fabric variations due to washing, normal use, and dye lot differences are part of the unique character or rental.
  • Linens should be returned food and particle-free and be shaken out and put into laundry bags provided.
  • Linens that are returned with burns, holes, tears, or are permanently stained due to negligence will be billed at replacement cost.

  • The customer agrees to hold FULL responsibility in ensuring safe operation of My Party Rentals equipment, to follow any safety rules posted on My Party Rentals Website and/or verbally given, and to supervise the Product(s) rented and any and all participants.
  • The customer understands and acknowledges that any activity in connection to Product(s) brings both known and unanticipated risks that could result in property damage, physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or other damage or injury to participants. Those risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, and colliding. Renter understands such risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity.
  • The customer agrees to release, forever discharge and hold harmless My Party Rentals, including its officers, employees, subcontractors, and/or agents from any injury, damages, or claims that result from Renter negligence including any injuries, claims, or damages asserted by Renters guests, invitees or third parties.
  • The customer shall indemnify and hold harmless My Party Rentals, its employees, executives, and agents from and against any and all damages, liabilities, claims, costs, expenses, attorney's fees, etc. incurred by Renter directly or indirectly, in connection with the rental of Product(s) due to negligence of My Party Rentals.
  • The customer acknowledges and represents that it has adequate homeowner's insurance, tenant insurance, or other liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage that may occur to itself, its guests, or its invitees from the use of the equipment being rented.
  • The customer agrees to bear the cost of defense and liability of any such injury or damage itself.
  • The customer also waives the right of its insurance company to bring any type of action or proceeding on behalf of the Lessee against My Party Rentals whether by assignment of claim, subrogation, or otherwise.

  • The customer acknowledges and certifies that it has had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document, including all Safety Rules, Terms and Conditions, and Operational Instructions displayed on My Party Rentals website, and understands its content and that it is executed freely, intelligently, and without duress of any kind, and agrees to be bound by its terms.
  • This signed agreement in conjunction with the Safety Rules and Operational Instructions contains the entire agreement between the My Party Rentals and The customer.
  • No amendment, whether from previous or subsequent negotiations between My Party Rentals and The customer, shall be valid and enforceable unless in writing and signed by all parties to this agreement.