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Yes we do deliveries, the delivery cost is based on zip code of delivery, delivery hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
Yes, We can make tablecloths installations for tables, covers for chairs for an additional cost. These agreements must be programmed before delivery
Advance notice generally depends on the size of the event and the type of items you would like to rent. For large events such as weddings, we suggest reserving your rentals as soon as possible; plan on reserving eight months to one year in advance for the best selection. Smaller events can be accommodated with much shorter notice. Regardless of your lead-time, we will work with you to plan the best event possible.
We offer various sizes of tents to meet your needs. Our staff will calculate the size needed, based on the number of people attending your event. We also take into consideration the type of event being organized (formal dinner, cocktail, conferences …) and furniture that you plan to rent (tables, chairs, dance floor …) and the floor plan for the installation of the furniture.
All equipment needs to be returned clean, dry and in the same condition in which you received it or additional charges may apply